California Security Rx Pad, 5 doctors, 8"x3.3", with Barcode

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2. Check your customized PDF proof
3. Order the item

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Desk size
5 prescribers, up to 3 prescriptions
Each 8"x3.3" pad has 50 two part sets (original and duplicate) and is bound with a wrap-around cover.
Minimum order quantity is 5 pads
Your price will be shown after quantity is entered.
Pricing for sample quantities:
5 qty $110.00   ($22.00 ea.)
10 qty $173.00   ($17.30 ea.)
20 qty $288.00   ($14.40 ea.)
50 qty $600.00   ($12.00 ea.)
100 qty $1,116.00   ($11.16 ea.)
Step 1: Enter Your Custom Information
Please enter the information that you would like to appear on your prescription pad.
Please carefully check the accuracy of all the information on your PDF proof.
Medical Group Name
Street Address and Suite
City State Zip
Website, fax or other (optional)
Doctor 1 Firstname Lastname
Doctor 1 License Category (MD,DDS etc)
Doctor 1 Practice (optional)
Doctor 1 CA License number
Doctor 1 DEA number
Doctor 1 NPI number (optional)
Doctor 2 Firstname Lastname
Doctor 2 License Category (MD,DDS,etc.)
Doctor 2 Practice (optional)
Doctor 2 CA License number
Doctor 2 DEA number
Doctor 2 NPI number (optional)
Doctor 3 FIrstname Lastname
Doctor 3 License Category (MD,DDS, etc.)
Doctor 3 Practice (optional)
Doctor 3 CA License number
Doctor 3 DEA number
Doctor 3 NPI number (optional)
Doctor 4 Firstname Lastname
Doctor 4 License Category (MD,DDS,etc.)
Doctor 4 Practice (optional)
Doctor 4 CA License number
Doctor 4 DEA number
Doctor 4 NPI number (optional)
Doctor 5 Firstname Lastname
Doctor 5 License Category (MD,DDS,etc.)
Doctor 5 Practice (optional)
Doctor 5 CA License number
Doctor 5 DEA number
Doctor 5 NPI number (optional)
Step 2: Check Your PDF Proof
(No PDF Proof available, please complete Step 1)