Castle Press security prescription pads comply with California Assembly Bill 149 regulations and include serialized number and barcode.

California Security Prescription Pad Printing

To start your order online, select the pad you like and number of prescriber names at the right.

Each pad has 50 prescriptions and a wrap-around cover. Prescriptions are 2-part forms (original and duplicate).

Castle Press California Security Prescription Pads for prescribing controlled substances are produced according to state law requirements. We are a California state-approved security printer.

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In addition to the security Rx pads available online, the Castle Press prints custom-designed forms and institutional security prescription forms. Contact support for more information.

Production time is approximately one week for the security Rx pads.

Select your prescription pad size...

Rx Pocket Pad 4"x5"
(fits lab-coat pocket)

5 pads: $92
10 pads: $150
20 pads: $243
50 pads: $464
100 pads: $839

Rx Desk Pad 8"x3.3"

5 pads: $110
10 pads: $173
20 pads: $288
50 pads: $600
100 pads: $1116

(50 prescriptions per pad, duplicate forms, bound with wrap-around cover)

Select number of prescribers on your forms...

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 6      7      8      9      10

Castle Press security features include the unique serial number and barcode required by California Assembly Bill 149, and include batch and sequential numbering, chemical void protection (solvent reactive ink), void pantograph, thermochromatic ink, and an opaque writing Rx which disappears if background is removed. Checkboxes are provided for quantity and number of refills. California Security Prescription watermark on the back shows when viewed at an angle.

California state law required these tamper-resistant forms for prescribing controlled substances replace the older triplicate prescription forms in 2005.

Custom layout

If you would like a custom layout for the name and address area at the top of the form, order one of the standard layouts and add a Custom Layout to your order. A black and white logo can be included.
Cost is $25.