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Due to the Independence Day holiday, web order campus deliveries normally scheduled for Wednesday will deliver on Thursday, July 7.

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If you are a UCLA Law Student, please go to castlepress.net/uclalawstudents to place your business card order.

Instructions for home delivery PO: Please send an R class requisition with a valid quotation and private home ship-to address (and full name of the recipient) as well as a COVID-19 (or COVID) reference in the ledger / FAU string to Campus Purchasing (if this is a purchase directly caused by the ongoing pandemic – if the product would have been purchased regardless of the pandemic, please denote that in the body of the requisition as this would not qualify as a COVID related purchase). 1:1 orders only (no bundled orders with multiple recipients). Due to a substantial increase in these types of orders, requisitions will be distributed within Campus Purchasing according to availability and bandwidth.

The Order Summary Page from the website is considered a valid quotation.